Qeqertarsuatsiaat Review in Improjazz

Improjazz – March 2017 / by Luc Bouquet :

Se mettre en éveil. Rester en suspension. Garder les espaces dans son chant de vision. Fuir les fragilités. Faire fructifier l’attente. Rester acoustique(s). Se dévoiler peu à peu. Presser le mouvement. Avoir des fourmis dans les baguettes. Se ruer sur le cercle. Gambader sur l’ivoire. Faire de l’horizontalité un cosmos. Faire rougir les harmoniques. Greffer les harmonies. Adopter la brume. Plaquer l’accord. Lui laisser vie. Puis, s’éloigner. En vrac, quelques petites choses que savent magnifiquement activer Messieurs Jérémie TrenoyIvann Cruz et Peter Orins.

Air Bump Review in Vital Weekly



Fifth album by this trio from Lille that is around since 2009, and exponent of the active and innovative Circum-Disc scene. Jérémie Ternoy (Fender Rhodes), Ivann Cruz (guitar), Peter Orins (drums) are assisted by following brass players: with Christian Pruvost (trumpet), Sakina Abdou (sax), Jean-Baptiste Rubin (sax) and Maxime Morel (tuba, trombone). Each release documents a certain project. This time New Orleans is the source of inspiration. At first glance obvious references to ragtime, marching bands, professor Longhair, New Orleans funk are missing. But the way the horn blowers choose their own directions, and coproduce a pleasant wilderness I can relate to the behaviour of horn players in marching bands. Especially in the closing track ‘Kat Kid’. But the blowers are embedded in strange, circular patterns by guitar and drums. The music is like a constant stream of strongly interconnected playing by the trio, drone-based, with hypnotic effects and sometimes leading up to an explosive climax. All four tracks are the result of collective improvisation. Another fascinating and captivating album by this obstinate trio from Lille, in an inspiring coproduction with Compulsive Brass. (Dolf Mulder)

Free hypnotic pop punk, post-rock, jazz-core … Disturbing, orgiastic and communicative, Toc is unclassifiable, but shakes the feet and heads.