Date Event
24/09/2018 • 20h00 Toc (w/ Zajida), Kosice, Slovaquie
25/09/2018 • 20h00 Toc
Tinta Social, Miskolc, Hongrie
26/09/2018 • 20h00 Toc
Galeria i!, Cracovie, Pologne
27/09/2018 • 19h00 Toc
Klub Barka, Pila, Pologne
28/09/2018 • 20h30 Toc (w/Tatvamasi)
Cultural Centre, Lublin, Pologne
03/10/2018 • 20h00 Toc + Zbigniew Chojnacki
Avant Art Festival, Varsovie, Pologne
12/10/2018 • 19h00 Toc Transe Olympique
Gare Saint Sauveur, Lille, France
18/11/2018 • 17h00 Toc & Dave Rempis
Muzzix & Associés, Lille, France
27/11/2018 • 14h00 Toc & Christian Pruvost
Lycée Henri Martin, St Quentin, France

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Free hypnotic pop punk, post-rock, jazz-core … Disturbing, orgiastic and communicative, Toc is unclassifiable, but shakes the feet and heads.