Review of Toc Will Never Play These Songs Again in The Vinyl District

in The Vinyl District by Joseph Neff

TOC, Will Never Play These Songs Again (Circum-Disc) Fine free-improv-rock from a French trio that’s been at it for a while; this is their sixth release. I’m going to guess that the T in their name represents pianist Jérémie Ternoy, the O drummer Peter Orins, and the C guitarist Ivann Cruz, and their use of post-rock and jazz-core as descriptors for what they do is useful; while the title is an accurate representation of the method, it’s also correct to state that the two long tracks (plus one shorter bonus) aren’t a plunge into total intuitive abstraction. This is where the rock comes in; along with post-rock (the keyboards occasionally suggest a more free-jazz influenced Tortoise) they also cite Krautrock, and I’d say fans of that style and the Rock in Opposition movement will have a very good time with this one. A-“